Outdoor combination sauna and infrared cabin LAHTI

Sanotechnik SKU: K30200

Outdoor combination sauna and infrared cabin LAHTI

Sanotechnik SKU: K30200
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Outdoor combination sauna and infrared cabin LAHTI

Relax and enjoy the soothing warmth and numerous health benefits of our unique Lahti outdoor sauna with infrared cabin. This high-quality sauna was specially developed for outdoor use and combines traditional Finnish sauna elements with the modern advantages of infrared technology.

Main features of the Lahti outdoor sauna with infrared cabin:

  1. High-quality thermowood: The sauna is made from carefully selected thermowood, which is given improved stability and natural resistance to moisture and rot through a thermal process. The elegant appearance of the thermowood gives the sauna a rustic and timeless aesthetic.

  2. Infrared Technology: The built-in infrared cabin provides gentle and comfortable heat that penetrates deep into your muscles and offers a variety of health benefits. The infrared rays promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, support metabolism and can even help detoxify the body.

  3. Spacious interior: The spacious cabin offers enough space for several people, so you can share your sauna experience with family and friends. The comfortable benches invite you to relax, and the pleasant ambience creates an oasis of peace and relaxation.

  4. Easy to use: The infrared cabin and the traditional sauna elements are controlled via a user-friendly control panel. You can adjust the temperature, lighting and ventilation according to your wishes to create your personal feel-good atmosphere.

  5. Robust construction: The Lahti outdoor sauna with infrared cabin was constructed with longevity and resistance to weather influences in mind. The high-quality thermal wood and the stable construction ensure long-lasting use of your outdoor sauna.

Product details:

  • Item no.: K30200
  • External dimensions (WxHxD): 201.5x181.5x200.2 cm
  • Internal dimensions (WxHxD): 159.7x139.7x175.8 cm
  • Wall thickness: 12 cm
  • Seat (WxD): approx. upper bench: 159.2x45 cm lower bench 159.2x35 cm
  • Gross weight: 367 kg
  • Power: 6 kW Harvia oven + 1600W 4 full spectrum emitters
  • i ncl. Asphalt roof
  • 6mm safety glass
  • Thermo spruce wood
  • Color light LED (7 colors)
  • Electrical control element (touch)
  • Bluetooth
  • speaker
  • Surface treatment: Thermowood
  • Sauna bucket
  • Creator
  • hourglass
  • thermometer
  • Door opening angle: 180°
  • Supply voltage 220-240 V and 380V

Scope of delivery:

  • sauna
  • 1x asphalt roof
  • 1 x sauna heater
  • 1 x sauna bucket
  • 1 x Creator
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Hourglass
  • Sauna stones

Package dimensions:

  • CNT1 190x179x27 cm 90.00 kg
  • CNT2 190x154x18cm 75.00 kg
  • CNT3 209x189x17 cm 90.00 kg
  • CNT4 174x154x28 cm 75.00 kg
  • CNT5 44x31x33 cm 6.00 kg
  • CNT6 44x32x16 cm 20.00 kg
  • CNT7 30x52x48cm 11kg

Information about Thermowood:

Thermowood for a sauna is a specially treated type of wood that receives improved properties through a thermal process and is particularly suitable for use in saunas. This wood is also called “thermally treated wood” or “thermally modified wood.”

The thermal treatment process involves heating the wood in a controlled environment at high temperatures (typically between 160 and 220 degrees Celsius) under limited oxygen. This process changes the chemical and physical properties of the wood, resulting in several benefits:

  1. Improved stability: Thermowood is dimensionally more stable compared to untreated wood. It is less likely to warp, shrink or swell with changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for saunas that experience high temperatures and humidity.

  2. Resistance to decomposition: The thermal treatment process increases the wood's resistance to decomposition, insects and fungi. This is particularly important in saunas where the wood is exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

  3. Reduced resin content: Heat treatment reduces the resin content in the wood. This can be beneficial in saunas to prevent leakage of resin or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at high temperatures.

  4. Aesthetic appeal: Thermowood has a special, attractive look with darker shades that gives the sauna a unique and attractive look.

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  • All of Austria at a fixed price
  • The delivery and assembly times are usually 5-7 working days from receipt of the order
  • Installation work is carried out professionally by a specially trained team


      • Minimum room height 20 cm higher than the mounting object
      • The installation site must be freely accessible
      • The installation area must be level and the floor covering must be declared as (hardly inflammable for infrared cabins) tiles, stone, concrete
      • The water connections must be available and functional
      • The drain for complete showers must be available and the substance must be workable and suitable for installation (diameter - corrosion - fractures etc.)
      • LTS does not take on any plumbing work (laying pipes - replacing pipe inlets and outlets)
      • With complete shower cubicles, the flexible connection hoses and the drain pipes are not included in the scope of delivery and must be provided separately
      • In the case of electrical connections, the socket (own circuit, at least 16 A fuse) must be accessible and available. We do not do electrician work.
      • For electrical connections, we assume plug and play variants; we refrain from connections that involve installation or configuration activities.
      • There must be sufficient access to the assembly areas. (Door width - room height - condition of walls - plasterboard sufficient strength - no brittle walls)
      • With bathroom furniture, the walls must be straight and load-bearing must be given
      • The connection of the fittings and drain is optimally offered
      • Processing of granite and stone walls is not possible (cutting - cutting out etc.)
      • A time of 30 minutes is calculated for the delivery of pools. If this time is not sufficient, 32 € excl. VAT per man will be charged for each additional 1/2 hour started.


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