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WC monoblock outlet I/SWC monoblock outlet I/S
Rimless toilet monoblock ROMA IRimless toilet monoblock ROMA I
toilet monoblock; Exit A/Wtoilet monoblock; Exit A/W
Rimless toilet monoblock ROMA IIRimless toilet monoblock ROMA II
WC monoblock outlet I/SWC monoblock outlet I/S
WC - connection elbow for P/S TrapWC - connection elbow for P/S Trap
Rimless toilet monoblock MONORimless toilet monoblock MONO
LAUFEN Pro wall-hung toilet set with 6/3 liter toilet seatLAUFEN Pro wall-hung toilet set with 6/3 liter toilet seat
GEBERIT push plateGEBERIT push plate
Geberit GEBERIT push plate
Sale priceFrom €57,96
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GEBERIT cistern 6-9 liters white
LAUFEN Pro washbasin 60x48 cm
LAUFEN Object toilet seat with soft-close
LAUFEN wall-hung toilet, washdown, rimless
NERO half pedestal for washbasinNERO half pedestal for washbasin
NERO washbasinNERO washbasin
Sanotechnik NERO washbasin
Sale price€92,23
NERO wall bidetNERO wall bidet
Sanotechnik NERO wall bidet
Sale price€141,68
JADE half pedestal for washbasinJADE half pedestal for washbasin
JADE vanityJADE vanity
Sanotechnik JADE vanity
Sale price€116,84
JADE wall bidetJADE wall bidet
Sanotechnik JADE wall bidet
Sale price€155,13
WC monoblock outlet A/WWC monoblock outlet A/W
Rimless toilet FARORimless toilet FARO
Sanotechnik Rimless toilet FARO
Sale price€155,48
Rimless toilet SIENARimless toilet SIENA
Sanotechnik Rimless toilet SIENA
Sale price€130,29

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