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    Warmth is simply healthy!

    Heat has been used to increase well-being and relieve musculoskeletal problems for thousands of years. You too can discover the relaxing and regenerating effects of heat on the body, mind and soul.

    The deep heat of infrared rays also works in sports. The warmth of the rays can penetrate all layers of skin and reach the muscles, tendons and ligaments. This warming can keep muscles, tendons and ligaments supple and thus reduce the risk of injury during sport. In addition, the deep heat of the infrared rays increases your metabolic rate and ensures your body has greater athletic resilience.

    The infrared deep heat uses the positive effect of increasing the temperature of our body. Our body is gently warmed from the inside by 1 - 1.5 °C and a healthy, artificial fever is developed. This increased temperature stimulates our immune system and thus helps the body fight off pathogens and alleviate numerous illnesses.


    Ceramic emitters - IR-B, IR-C: The radiation is mainly in the area of ​​the emitter. Radiation temperature is high. Application temperature 40-45°C.

    Carbon Magnesium Heating Plate - IR-C: The radiation occurs over a large area. Pleasant low temperature, recommended application temperature of 40 - 45 °C.

    Full spectrum emitters - IR-A, IR-B, IR-C: The emitters cover all three types of infrared radiation and are very similar to the sun's thermal radiation. Are very similar to solar heat radiation in a reduced form.

    Our types of wood


    Is a softwood that is characterized by a very low resin content and a very large freedom from knots. In addition to being lightweight, it has an even color and a clear but not overly emphasized wood structure.


    Natural oils in cedar wood have their own scent. The natural color gives it a lively look.

    (All measurements are approximate)

    Wood is a popular building material and is characterized by its high strength, low weight and versatile workability. Since wood is a natural product, in practice, despite careful material selection and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, properties (structure or wood surface) of this material can still arise that cannot be influenced. These cannot be complained about
    become! The greatest possible care is taken during production, packaging and transport. Since hemlock and cedar are particularly soft wood, pressure points, insignificant scratches and cracks cannot occur
    be complained about.

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