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Franz lounge chair with Viennese weaveFranz lounge chair with Viennese weave
Side table Paris M
Home36 Side table Paris M
Sale price€26,99
Small shoe rack with 2 shelves
Side table Paris S
Home36 Side table Paris S
Sale price€24,99
Side table Paris L
Home36 Side table Paris L
Sale price€29,99
Lounge chair Felix
Home36 Lounge chair Felix
Sale price€249,00
Head of Nature 180
Home36 Head of Nature 180
Sale price€49,99
Shoe rack Albatros S
Home36 Shoe rack Albatros S
Sale price€44,99
Lounge chair LillyLounge chair Lilly
Home36 Lounge chair Lilly
Sale price€239,00
Side table Malmo
Home36 Side table Malmo
Sale price€179,00
Ladder with stand 150
Home36 Ladder with stand 150
Sale price€49,18
Factory spice rackFactory spice rack
Raw Materials Factory spice rack
Sale price€54,95
Factory kitchen shelfFactory kitchen shelf
Rattan shelf Simon
Raw Materials Rattan shelf Simon
Sale price€99,90
Side table Amsterdam
Home36 Side table Amsterdam
Sale price€119,90
Sideboard cabinet Nicole 169
Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Home36 Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Sale price€769,00
Regal Regent gold
Hoff Interieur Regal Regent gold
Sale price€199,00
Side table Vintage Mango 2 partsSide table Vintage Mango 2 parts
Shoe rack SHELBO
Madam Stoltz Shoe rack SHELBO
Sale price€129,99
Media cabinet ALVARO
Zons Media cabinet ALVARO
Sale price€165,00
CAMILO console
Zons CAMILO console
Sale price€169,00
Mr. Bean Bean Bag Indoor Relax Chair Black/White, 70 x 75Mr. Bean Bean Bag Indoor Relax Chair Black/White, 70 x 75
Rat sofa Lisa
Home36 Rat sofa Lisa
Sale price€199,99
Brown lounge chair with Viennese weave
Highboard Kesia with Viennese weaveHighboard Kesia with Viennese weave
Sideboard cabinet Marianne with Viennese weaveSideboard cabinet Marianne with Viennese weave
Standing shelf bamboo
Home36 Standing shelf bamboo
Sale price€29,90
Corner shelf bamboo
Home36 Corner shelf bamboo
Sale price€49,90
Ladder - Shelf Bamboo
Home36 Ladder - Shelf Bamboo
Sale price€39,90
Conductor White 180
Home36 Conductor White 180
Sale price€49,99
Rattan side table Bali
Home36 Rattan side table Bali
Sale price€79,99
Mamboo lounge chair
Home36 Mamboo lounge chair
Sale price€139,99
Regal Lyon
Home36 Regal Lyon
Sale price€79,99
Stool Classic Big white
Home36 Stool Classic Big white
Sale price€69,99
Shoe rack Albatros L
Home36 Shoe rack Albatros L
Sale price€52,99

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