Barrel saunas / outdoor saunas

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    3 products

    All of our barrel saunas and outdoor saunas are made from high-quality thermal spruce wood.

    Thermowood for a sauna is a specially treated type of wood that receives improved properties through a thermal process and is particularly suitable for use in saunas. This wood is also called “thermally treated wood” or “thermally modified wood.”

    The thermal treatment process involves heating the wood in a controlled environment at high temperatures (typically between 160 and 220 degrees Celsius) under limited oxygen. This process changes the chemical and physical properties of the wood, resulting in several benefits:

    1. Improved stability: Thermowood is dimensionally more stable compared to untreated wood. It is less likely to warp, shrink or swell with changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for saunas that experience high temperatures and humidity.

    2. Resistance to decomposition: The thermal treatment process increases the wood's resistance to decomposition, insects and fungi. This is particularly important in saunas where the wood is exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

    3. Reduced resin content: Heat treatment reduces the resin content in the wood. This can be beneficial in saunas to prevent leakage of resin or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at high temperatures.

    4. Aesthetic appeal: Thermowood has a special, attractive look with darker shades that gives the sauna a unique and attractive look.

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