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Electric towel warmer - black matt SOHO
Mirror with indirect lighting (LED) 60 x 80Mirror with indirect lighting (LED) 60 x 80
Soap basket SOHO
Sanotechnik Soap basket SOHO
Sale price€13,90
Towel ring SOHO
Sanotechnik Towel ring SOHO
Sale price€10,60
hook SOHO
Sanotechnik hook SOHO
Sale price€8,90
Cup holder SOHO
Sanotechnik Cup holder SOHO
Sale price€11,60
Soap holder SOHO
Sanotechnik Soap holder SOHO
Sale price€11,60
Toilet roll holder SOHO
Soap Dispenser SOHO
Sanotechnik Soap Dispenser SOHO
Sale price€12,70
Toilet brush set SOHO
Towel rail SOHO
Sanotechnik Towel rail SOHO
Sale price€16,90
Double cup holder SOHO

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