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Modular bathroom furniture

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    There, where the first ideas of the day are born, where the figures don't yet wear masks, that's where everything begins.
    In the embrace of water enjoyment, in the space of inner relaxation.
    The bathroom is the only place where we can actually be what we want to be. Creative, unique, relaxed, elegant, classic, modern or in harmony with everything - just as the bathroom with its range of styles always represents the mirror of our personality.

    From tiles, sanitary fittings to the last detail of the bathroom furniture.
    Form the perfection in harmonization of colors and shapes.

    We now also offer you modular furniture for your bathroom. We have 3 different models that are available in many colors and sizes on request.

    Due to the individual production for each customer, there are longer delivery times.

    If you are interested in a piece of furniture, please contact us at and we will discuss everything else.

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