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Side table Paris M
Home36 Side table Paris M
Sale price€26,99
Teak root with glass vase stand boat teakTeak root with glass vase stand boat teak
Side table Paris S
Home36 Side table Paris S
Sale price€24,99
EGG hanging lampEGG hanging lamp
Home36 EGG hanging lamp
Sale price€69,00
Teak root with glass vase super miniTeak root with glass vase super mini
Chest set - 3 piecesChest set - 3 pieces
Home36 Chest set - 3 pieces
Sale price€49,99
Rattan chair Orbit
Home36 Rattan chair Orbit
Sale price€99,99
Bench Raphael
Home36 Bench Raphael
Sale price€39,99
Side table Paris L
Home36 Side table Paris L
Sale price€29,99
Lounge chair Felix
Home36 Lounge chair Felix
Sale price€249,00
Round teak dining table Tim 140
Head of Nature 180
Home36 Head of Nature 180
Sale price€49,99
Rattan chair Barbados
Home36 Rattan chair Barbados
Sale price€89,99
Shoe rack Albatros S
Home36 Shoe rack Albatros S
Sale price€44,99
Round mirror Flower 80
Home36 Round mirror Flower 80
Sale price€49,99
Hanging lamp MARY
Home36 Hanging lamp MARY
Sale price€129,00
Lounge chair LillyLounge chair Lilly
Home36 Lounge chair Lilly
Sale price€239,00
Rectangular teak dining table Simon 200
Side table Malmo
Home36 Side table Malmo
Sale price€179,00
Teak root with glass bowl Bowl star smallTeak root with glass bowl Bowl star small
Ladder with stand 150
Home36 Ladder with stand 150
Sale price€49,18
Decorative wooden basket heart with handleDecorative wooden basket heart with handle
Round mirror Fio 70
Home36 Round mirror Fio 70
Sale price€89,00
Round mirror Butterfly 50
Home36 Round mirror Butterfly 50
Sale price€39,00
Hanging lamp VICKY black
Home36 Hanging lamp VICKY black
Sale price€99,00
MINNA hanging lampMINNA hanging lamp
Home36 MINNA hanging lamp
Sale price€89,00
STYLE hanging lampSTYLE hanging lamp
Home36 STYLE hanging lamp
Sale price€89,00
Side table Amsterdam
Home36 Side table Amsterdam
Sale price€119,90
Sideboard cabinet Nicole 169
Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Home36 Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Sale price€769,00
Rattan chair Nassau
Home36 Rattan chair Nassau
Sale price€139,00
Industrial chair LolaIndustrial chair Lola
Home36 Industrial chair Lola
Sale price€99,00
Conductor White 180
Home36 Conductor White 180
Sale price€49,99
Teak root with glass vase single candleTeak root with glass vase single candle
Teak root with glass vase mediumTeak root with glass vase medium

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