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Teak root with glass vase stand boat teakTeak root with glass vase stand boat teak
Side table Paris S
Home36 Side table Paris S
Sale price€24,99
Chest set - 3 piecesChest set - 3 pieces
Home36 Chest set - 3 pieces
Sale price€49,99
Side table Paris L
Home36 Side table Paris L
Sale price€29,99
Rattan chair Orbit
Home36 Rattan chair Orbit
Sale price€99,99
Bench Raphael
Home36 Bench Raphael
Sale price€39,99
Lounge chair LillyLounge chair Lilly
Home36 Lounge chair Lilly
Sale price€239,00
Lounge chair Felix
Home36 Lounge chair Felix
Sale price€249,00
Round teak dining table Tim 140
Head of Nature 180
Home36 Head of Nature 180
Sale price€49,99
Rattan chair Barbados
Home36 Rattan chair Barbados
Sale price€89,99
Round mirror Flower 80
Home36 Round mirror Flower 80
Sale price€49,99
Hanging lamp MARY
Home36 Hanging lamp MARY
Sale price€129,00
Rectangular teak dining table Simon 200
Side table Malmo
Home36 Side table Malmo
Sale price€179,00
Teak root with glass bowl Bowl star smallTeak root with glass bowl Bowl star small
Ladder with stand 150
Home36 Ladder with stand 150
Sale price€49,18
Round mirror Fio 70
Home36 Round mirror Fio 70
Sale price€89,00
Round mirror Butterfly 50
Home36 Round mirror Butterfly 50
Sale price€39,00
Hanging lamp VICKY black
Home36 Hanging lamp VICKY black
Sale price€99,00
MINNA hanging lampMINNA hanging lamp
Home36 MINNA hanging lamp
Sale price€89,00
STYLE hanging lampSTYLE hanging lamp
Home36 STYLE hanging lamp
Sale price€89,00
Side table Amsterdam
Home36 Side table Amsterdam
Sale price€119,90
Sideboard cabinet Nicole 169
Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Home36 Sideboard cabinet Julia 180
Sale price€769,00
Rattan chair Nassau
Home36 Rattan chair Nassau
Sale price€139,00
Industrial chair LolaIndustrial chair Lola
Home36 Industrial chair Lola
Sale price€99,00
Conductor White 180
Home36 Conductor White 180
Sale price€49,99
Teak root with glass vase single candleTeak root with glass vase single candle
Teak root with glass vase mediumTeak root with glass vase medium
Rattan side table Bali
Home36 Rattan side table Bali
Sale price€79,99
Rat sofa Lisa
Home36 Rat sofa Lisa
Sale price€199,99
Mamboo lounge chair
Home36 Mamboo lounge chair
Sale price€139,99
Rattan chair MariaRattan chair Maria
Home36 Rattan chair Maria
Sale price€169,99
Rattan Chair Jamaica
Home36 Rattan Chair Jamaica
Sale price€99,99

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