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    In order to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, we use only the highest quality cast acrylic sheets, made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), for our Sanoacryl products, according to all European standards:

    European Standard: EN 263: 2010: Sanitary equipment - Cross-linked cast acrylic sheets for baths and shower trays for domestic use

    European standard: EN 14516: 2010: Bathtubs for domestic use

    European Standard: EN 14516: 2010: Shower trays for domestic use

    We proudly say: up to 30 years guarantee!

    A Sanoacryl product, if properly cared for, can be a daily friend to you and your family for the rest of your life.

    Minor damage to Sanoacryl products can be repaired at any time. Absolutely traveled against UV light, high temperatures and harmful substances normally used in a bathroom, such as perfumes, nail polish remover, or hairspray. Cast acrylic glass is the only right solution for creating a bathtub or a shower tray.

    Smooth and with excellent insulating properties. A Sanoacryl bathtub will maintain the water temperature so you can relax for longer.

    WHY cast acrylic gas?

    Cast Acrylic - Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is much better for making bath and shower trays than extruded acrylic or ABS acrylic. Casting is a simple process of making the acrylic sheets as it is poured into the mold in a liquid state and this is captured between two polished steel plates or glass. The advantage is that there are fewer internal stresses and the material therefore has a high resistance to cracking, blistering and aging. With the right care, a PMMA bathtub or shower will retain its properties for up to 30 years, or in many cases a lifetime. Highly durable, and even in unfavorable conditions, the material will retain its properties. Transparent, this material is known as PLEXIGLAS.

    Extruded acrylic - methyl methacrylate (MMA), retains a lot of tension in the film as it is made by the hot extrusion process. The melted acrylic is dimensioned to the required material thickness through a thin slit and quickly squeezed in an air-cooled manner. When small stress cracks of finished components get cleaning agents/glues/solvents/lubricants, some parts look like broken safety glass.

    ABS ACRYLIC - co-extruded impact modified PMMA / ABS, is covered with ABS (Acrylic - Butadiene - Styron) 92-96% and a thin layer of PMMA 4-9%. This material is mostly used as a cheaper alternative to PMMA. As no clear evidence of the material's longevity has been provided so far, and with this material the production costs decrease, more and more manufacturers will see the PMMA / ABS combination as a serious alternative for medium and low price ranges. In this case, the warranty period will be considerably shorter!

    Developed and manufactured in the EU

    is a registered trademark of SANOTECHNIK

    (All bathtubs come without fittings, all dimensions are approximate)

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