Zeit um zu Entspannen | Gute Gründe für einen Whirlpoolkauf bei Home 36

Own whirlpool: yes or no?

We clearly say YES, definitely
for multiple reasons:

Relaxation in the outdoor whirlpool A hot tub is healthy for both body and mind
Switching off from everyday life and just relaxing is our only way to escape the stressful everyday life and to replenish empty energy reserves. It is optimal if this relaxation is also associated with health benefits. A whirlpool has been proven to relieve tension, minimize back and joint pain and stimulate blood circulation in the body. Sounds good? It is! The combination of water, heat and hydromassage makes it possible!
vacation home | Relax when you want Vacation at home every day instead of traveling a few days a year

Create your own wellness oasis with a holiday feeling in your own garden and relax whenever you have time! In the online shop Home 36 you will find outdoor whirlpools in various price ranges. The inflatable entry-level model could be in your garden in just a few days for less than €500. Keep in mind that a hot tub represents an investment for several years and is not as ephemeral as a single holiday.

Outdoor whirlpool massage jets The ultimate massage experience
You have the choice between gentle caresses and a powerful massage. Depending on the model, there is a different number of massage jets, with each individual jet carefully positioned for you based on years of experience.

Relief of Aches and Pains Using an Outdoor Hot Tub | Back pain, joint pain, tension

Relax to your favorite music
The integrated sound system in the whirlpool rounds off your SPA perfectly. Relax in the warm water and listen to your favorite music during the massage!

Let there be light
Like music, light has been shown to have a relaxing effect on our mind. So enjoy a soothing play of colors from the LED lighting in your pool, or simply brighten up the night with it ;-)

An outdoor whirlpool in your own garden offers you the necessary privacy for your relaxation in the whirlpool. No dress code like in public SPAs, no awkward looks from strangers!

Flexibility is everything these days
The whirlpool can be used at any time, you are absolutely flexible in terms of time and do not have to follow the opening hours of public spas. You can be spontaneous and save yourself the hassle of packing your bathing suit, travel time and entrance fees.

Happiness shared is happiness doubled! Enjoy togetherness in the outdoor whirlpool enjoy togetherness
Spend romantic hours in the private SPA and enjoy relaxing and varied massages.

Enjoy family time in the outdoor whirlpool enjoy family time
The kids also love the “bubbling” warm water. Treat yourself to quality time with the family and share the experiences of the day in peace. If you prefer it action-packed: water toys are also great fun in the whirlpool ;-)
Meet friends in the outdoor whirlpool meet friends
The new lifestyle is guaranteed to be well received by your friends too! That's a reason to see your friends a little more often.

The whirlpools at Home 36 are not only robust, but also easy to care for. High-quality materials make care easier for you and reduce maintenance to a minimum. To ensure the best quality of your water, Home 36 has created a clear guide to whirlpool and water care for you: Guide to hot tub and water care from Home36
Low running costs
All whirlpools are equipped with a highly efficient multi-stage insulation system and low-consumption circulation pumps. Multi-stage filter systems extend water change cycles, reduce water consumption and minimize operating costs.

Relocation required?
No problem with your own jacuzzi! Simply empty the water completely, lock the electronics and the forwarding agent can already load your whirlpool.

More for your money!
Buying a hot tub is an investment in a better life!

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