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Proper care of garden furniture

To ensure that your garden furniture stays beautiful for a long time, proper care is very important. Here you will find important tips for optimal care:

Rattan garden furniture:

Rattan furniture should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth. For heavier dirt, you can also use soapy water and a soft brush. Then rinse with clean water. A care oil can also be used. This protects rat furniture from UV radiation and weathering and gives the furniture a new shine.

Wooden garden furniture:

Wooden furniture should be treated with a wood oil 2 - 3 times a year. This oil protects the furniture from weathering and discoloration. You can simply brush away light dirt with a brush.

Plastic garden furniture:

With plastic furniture, a damp cloth is usually enough to remove dirt.

Aluminum garden furniture:

Dirt can be easily removed with a garden hose and water. If small scratches have crept in, they can be treated with a special care varnish.