Furnish Scandinavian - Here's how

If you would like to live Scandinavian, you will find the right tips here with which you can bring the perfect look into your four walls in just a few steps.

The main focus of the furnishings is on wooden furniture, soft colours, simple design and clear shapes. Accordingly, the Scandinavian style is reserved and minimalistic but at the same time noble and elegant. Above all, the focus is on natural and untreated materials. Combined with plain and simple designs.

  • It is therefore important to pay attention to natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton or rattan in order to maintain the Scandi look. These materials simultaneously reflect the calm and contemplative nature of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Click through our range and explore the variety of our natural and sustainable products.

  • Rustic furniture completes the look and gives it a homely flair. Many of the tables in our range are suitable for this furnishing style.

  • Soft and natural colors are also important, especially beige, white, light gray or pastel tones are popular. The combination of rustic elements and restrained colors creates a cozy atmosphere.

  • Natural products in particular are a good choice as decorative elements: branches, roots or blossoms are suitable. Among other things, our teka root vases are suitable for decorating your Scandinavian home.

  • Extravagant patterns are also very typical. Striking patterns are used in many Scandinavian homes to shake up the otherwise very simple furnishings and set accents. The patterns have an invigorating effect and are an eye-catcher in the minimalism. A tip from our range would be the Mojo and Boho stools.

  • Lamps are also important in Scandinavian home design. Due to the long and dark winters, lighting plays a key role. Preference is given to using hanging lamps made of natural materials. You will also find the right lamp in our range in the hanging lamps category.

  • The seating is also very reserved by combining a simple and clear design, functionality and natural colors. Our Brooks sofa is ideal for this and adapts perfectly to your Scandi look. But the Felix and Charlie lounge chairs from our range also enrich your interior.

Be inspired by our range and natural products and create your own Scandinavian home!