Shabby-Chic Look, so geht's!

shabby chic

This furnishing style lets you wallow in nostalgia, because antique-style furniture is combined with the used look.

Shabby chic is based on the country house style, but relies on a worn and aged interior design. Signs of use such as dents, scratches, cracks or peeling paint are welcome and give the shabby look its charm. As the name suggests, the furniture is shabby but chic, so it is exclusive and of high quality.

The run-down, used look is 100% wanted here, regardless of whether it is a question of signs of wear, flaws that have developed naturally over the years, or carefully designed flaws.


How to bring the shabby chic look into your home:

  • Grab "something old, something new, something used, something worn and something homemade" and throw everything together as you wish. The look comes from the individual mix of old favorites collected over the years, heirlooms and new furnishings in the old used look.

  • Make sure you choose natural materials! Put wood in the spotlight, for example with one of our solid wood dining tables or selected accessories from the Raw Materials series.

    • Metal elements with a rustic look round off the look and are also eye-catching in the shabby-chic look. Our metal chairs Java, Nora and Emilia are ideal here.

    • It is very important to pay attention to the rough structures and naturalness of all interior pieces.

    • Romantic and playful elements also play an important role in this look by setting nostalgic accents. Flourishes, engravings and embellishments are perfect details for shabby chic. Matching furniture can be found here in the Paris collection.

    • Set additional accents with accessories such as boxes, picture frames or tablets and textiles made of rustic materials. The colors should be kept in a warm, natural and matt look. Here, too, ideas can be found primarily in the Raw Material and Paris collections.

    Throughout our range there are many natural and rustic pieces of furniture and decoration that are ideal for the shabby chic look, but above all we would like to recommend our products from the latest Raw Material and Paris ranges. The Paris collection is particularly suitable because of the romantic embellishments but also the used look in a matte, plain colour. The Raw Material pieces, on the other hand, are characterized by their rustic and natural design.