Mal' Dir Deine Infrarotkabine, so wie sie Dir gefÀllt!


Buy an infrared cabin for your well-being NOW and let it appear in new splendor! How? We’ll tell you that in this blog entry! Are you ready for something new? Try it! 🖌

Say goodbye to the natural look and hello to a modern & innovative design!

All of our infrared cabins can be given a new color with a suitable wood varnish or glaze, according to your wishes!

What you need:

  • Adhesive tape and masking film
  • sandpaper
  • Wide, soft flat brush
  • Primer, paint/glaze starting at €5.99 in hardware stores

>> Click here for the instructions <<

Wood is a natural material that can take on many design options. Painting wood has many advantages:

  • the lifespan of the wood is increased
  • the wood is protected from moisture, pests and weathering

However, there are a few principles to keep in mind to achieve a perfect result:

ATTENTION: You must NOT paint the inside of infrared cabins, as the paint dissolves due to the temperatures and toxic substances can develop.

You basically have two options when it comes to painting:

  • For high coverage, use opaque paints
  • To maintain the grain of the wood, use glazes

We generally recommend using glazes as they are water-soluble and do not contain any solvents. They allow the wood to breathe and contain fewer toxins than conventional solvent-based paints.

before painting

Make sure you have used your infrared cabin a few times before applying the first coat. This will help you avoid cracking the paint.

Most of the time, the required primer is already included in paints or glazes and does not need to be used separately for interior use. If the wood is rich in resin or has light colors, you should use an extra primer, otherwise discoloration may occur. 


Make sure you always paint in the direction of the grain without leaving any edges. Once the initial coat has dried, repeat the process. You will get a particularly beautiful result if several layers are applied.

Now it's time for some well-deserved relaxation in the newly painted infrared cabin! We wish you much success and fun in redesigning your infrared cabin! We would be very happy if we received pictures of redesigned infrared cabins!

Your Home 36 team

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