Schritt-für-Schritt zur eigenen Wohlfühloase im Garten

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Vacation at home? Is that possible?

Clearly; YES! The garden is an important place for relaxation and in this blog post you will learn how an oasis of well-being can be created ⤵️

Soon it will be that time again, “summer, sun, sunshine” and that means we spend more time outside in our gardens or on the balcony. This increases the desire for a cozy and idyllic but at the same time modern garden design. What could be better than a cozy and relaxing day in your own garden paradise.

But the question is, how can you best create an oasis of well-being in your own garden?

What should you pay attention to?


The key to ideal garden design lies in the selection of materials. So that you can enjoy the garden furniture for as long as possible, it is important to pay attention to durable but stylish materials. Stainless aluminum, coated wood or synthetic materials are suitable for this.

Green spaces
Make sure there are enough green spots. Because the view of the greenery gives a certain feeling of freedom and puts you in a good mood.


Spacious garden furniture is an important part of creating a retreat for you! For example for yoga, mediation or reading.

Pure refreshment in your own pool

The above-ground pools in the Home 36 range promise quick cooling. The pools are quickly set up in your own garden and promise quick, inexpensive splashing fun without any complex modifications to the garden.

Tip: Treat yourself to an outdoor whirlpool for the ultimate relaxation in your garden! As we all know, the sound of splashing water has a special effect on us. It gives a feeling of inner peace and is automatically associated with a holiday feeling by the sea. PURE RELAX!

A whirlpool also alleviates a variety of complaints. Read here: ⤵️

Step-by-step instructions

  • Creating a place to rest

Transform your garden into a retreat:

After you've finished your gardening, you deserve a break and what could be more tempting than spending this time out in your own garden paradise. Extend your living room with the following products ⤵️

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STRIPE deck chair: Buy here

  • Which furniture suits which garden?

It is important to set up space efficiently , especially for small balconies . Therefore, look for small tables and easily adjustable armchairs that can be placed on their side at any time. Square tables and 2-4 armchairs are ideal.

However, for large gardens it is more suitable if you use lounge furniture, sofa corners or spacious seating sets. Large garden tables are also ideal for hosting extensive lunches and dinners for loved ones.

It is advisable to divide each department in the garden into rooms. We already know this from our own four walls. But it is also advisable to continue this in the garden and to pick up your own theme areas in the garden. Please note that you do not break the calm atmosphere. The latest garden furniture from Home 36 will help you with this ⤵️

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  • Round off the style with outdoor decoration

Outdoor rugs give the garden a wonderful holiday atmosphere in no time. Of course, green accents should be used here again. Plants are suitable here as privacy screens or also shrubs and potted plants. If you like to grow fruit and vegetables in your own garden, you can use a raised bed.

Since we are looking for new products every day, we are guaranteed to always have the hottest must-haves in our range. Since we specialize in decoration, among other things, you can always shop for the latest trends with us.

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  • loving details

In order to make the fully furnished wellness oasis cozy and cozy, the detailed work needs to be done. Large cushions with a cuddly soft surface are particularly suitable for spending relaxing hours together in your own garden. You can find the following covers at Home 36:

Pillowcase: Buy here

Pillowcase: Buy here

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Lantern glass: Buy here

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Be inspired by our new garden collection. Browse through our decorative items and other product ranges so that you can find the right accessories for your outdoor oasis of well-being.

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