Einrichtungsideen für Ihr Esszimmer

Regardless of whether you just want a small change of scenery, want to redecorate or redesign everything because of a move, the furnishing of the dining room or the dining area needs to be well thought out. On the one hand, the choice of furniture is very important, but on the other hand, the choice of accessories is fundamental. So a skilled hand is required so that the dining area is not only comfortable but also practical.

What is the best way to proceed? 

Think about which materials you prefer. Natural materials that radiate calm and warmth are particularly suitable for the dining room, so you feel safe and welcome. For this we recommend our solid wood dining tables in various shapes, which are unique due to their natural look. You can choose between teak, suar and mango wood and cleverly combine this with matching chairs. The choice of table and armchairs requires skill and a good eye. Mix and match combinations are also possible here. For example, choose different armchairs for the two ends of the table to create an eye-catcher in the seating area. It is important that you feel comfortable, because life in the dining area always takes place around the dining table. 

As a next step, the dining room furniture of your choice can now be combined with matching wall colors. For this purpose, it is also expedient to pay attention to the lighting conditions, the layout and the size of the room. Is the dining area integrated into another room or is it a separate room. The more separate and larger the room, the more possibilities, but even a small dining area in the living room or kitchen can be designed attractively. The latter can, for example, be differentiated with different but harmonious colors. Another important aspect is the lighting, because when you eat, you want good light that is pleasant at the same time. Rattan hanging lamps can be mounted here to match the natural look. Click through our lamp collection.

To round things off, individual decorative eye-catchers can be added. The table should not be overloaded but still decoratively decorated. Small placemats or wooden boards are suitable as a base. Pictures or mirrors on the wall and trays, vases and bowls decorate your dining table and dining area. Here you will find a wide variety of pieces in our online shop, which you can choose and combine according to your taste.

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, of course you can  Don't forget the serving dishes on which the dishes you have lovingly prepared are served and eaten. For example, plates, bowls and mugs made of earthenware are suitable here, as are bowls and boards made of wood.

Click through our online shop, here you will find plenty of inspiration in the categories table & bar, furniture / dining room and decoration / decorative bowls and trays.