Ein kleines Haus mit großer Wirkung! Warum weniger mehr ist?

Our Home36-House convinces with simplicity & plainness

What is meant by a "Tiny House"?

In German usage, the small houses on wheels are primarily referred to as "Tiny Houses". More often these houses are referred to as "micro house", "mini house" or "small house". The typical tiny houses usually have around 20 square meters of living space, but still have everything you need to live: a living area with a kitchenette, a sanitary area with a shower and toilet, and a sleeping area.

Why is it worth investing in a tiny house?

1. lower cost

Compared to a conventionally sized house or buying a condo in the city, investing in a tiny house is much more cost-effective.

2. sustainable living

A tiny house is mainly built from wood, so it is an environmentally friendly building project. Natural products such as seaweed or hemp wool are usually used for insulation. With a tiny house, the Co2 emissions are significantly lower than with a conventional house.

3. Increase in flexibility & mobility

Often the decision is made in favor of the mobile variant, because this is where the house on wheels is located. With this variant, it is possible to change the location at any time. If the weather or neighborhood conditions are no longer suitable, you can simply move on with a tiny house. Likewise, if you have to move to another city for professional reasons, this is no problem with a mobile Tiny House. Your own home always rolls with you.

4. Less is more!

Living in a tiny house means getting by with little(s) of possessions. This may not always be easy at first, but it is all a matter of getting used to it. Once you have parted with a few things that you usually don't really need, you rarely miss them. Knowing that you are creating less waste will not only bring happiness to yourself, but will also please the environment. In addition, this new minimalist way of life is easy on your wallet.

END OF JULY it's time! Home36 offers Tiny Houses, which can be configured directly in the online shop. According to your taste!

Equipment Home36 House:

  • reinforced insulation
  • Option: AC heat pumps for heating & cooling or infrared heaters
  • Bathroom : (shower cabin, toilet, furniture)
  • Kitchen : (fridge, sink for dishes)
  • 2 bedrooms : (160 x 200 cm and 140 x 200 cm) + closet
  • Living room : sofa
  • fly screen
  • Canopy included


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