Deko-Spiegel passend einsetzen

Ciao bare walls and hello inviting interior design!


In this article we will give you some tips on how to make your home even more homely and individual with a few mirrors on the wall.

A creative and varied wall decoration is the A&O in room design, it brings a breath of fresh air into our rooms and makes every apartment something very special. With the furnishing and design of the walls we can express our personality and achieve individuality in every home. There are numerous ways to beautify your walls, but in this article we would like to show you how any wall decor can be loosened up and enriched with one or the other mirror.

Here are our tips on how to use wall mirrors specifically for wall decoration:

The selected mirrors should be coordinated with the furnishing style of the room or apartment. Be clear about the style you choose and only then decide which mirror might suit you, whether it's vintage, scandi or boho. An accent is skilfully set with mirrors, but the overall picture is not destroyed but completed. The choice of colors and materials is also of great importance. It is important to note that the mirror should be emphasized, for example by using statement mirrors with specific color highlights or using unusual materials. However, sometimes it's also good to be consciously understated and use minimalistic products that speak for themselves. Shape and color should also be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

The size of the room also often plays a role in the choice of mirror, so it is advisable to use many mirrors or large mirrors in small rooms to make the living room appear larger. In larger rooms, on the other hand, small mirrors that are deliberately mixed with other wall decor are sufficient.

How you position mirrors is a factor that cannot be neglected. In small niches or the entrance area, the wall accessories can be used alone and placed in the middle. However, for large surfaces, such as living room walls or the sleeping area, it is advisable to combine pictures with mirrors and not to focus too much on them, so as not to let the accessories look lost. Even bright mirrors often darken rooms and thus ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

Decor mirrors are real eye-catchers in every facility and enrich the overall picture. Statement mirrors in particular are a real interior trend and very popular. With the use of decorative mirrors, every facility can be optically enriched, with every wall radiating individuality and comfort. Click through our range of decorative mirrors and let yourself be inspired.