Deko-Neuheiten von Madam Stolz

Discover the latest decoration trends at Home 36.

Our decorative items have been expanded to include the Madam Stolz series. These products are of high quality and made from natural materials. Madam Stolz is a Danish company specializing in interior decoration and design, and this can be seen in all of their products, as they are rich in detail and the matching of materials and appearance is perfected. Madam Stolz's collections represent consciously handmade and creative designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam. Here you will find all the must-haves for your decoration!

Be inspired by the new collection in our online store and beautify your home. The decorative items are timeless thanks to their high-quality materials and harmonious design and go with many styles. So you can redesign the living room, kitchen or bedroom. The natural materials and the design of the products are unique, which means that these decorative objects enrich every home.

Stoneware plates, bowls and cups are particularly recommended for the kitchen. The service parts can be combined individually. They have a natural and simple look and can therefore also be used as an addition to existing crockery. The wooden or marble cutting boards also fit into any kitchen. This makes cooking and being cooked for even more fun!

You will also find many decorative vases in our Madam Stolz collection, all of which have a very unusual and stylish design. Many patterns and colors are combined and are ideally coordinated, so that the decorative items are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in every room.

You will also find unique mirrors here, in which you can look at yourself at any time of the day, especially the shapes and materials are convincing. In addition to the mirrors, individual decorative elements are also a must-have to create a harmonious decoration that makes your home even more homely. Whether dried Chinese reed, which you combine with one of the vases, or one of the lanterns and lanterns, there is something for everyone here.

Click through the new collection and round off the appearance of your own four walls so that you and everyone who comes into your home feel comfortable.