Boho-Zimmer einrichten: Das brauchen Sie!

Set up a boho room: you need it!

Bring a little boho chic into your four walls. Our products help you to complement your boho style and give your home an extraordinary flair.

What is the boho style and how do I bring it into my 4 walls?

With this furnishing style, you combine a mix of different materials, ideas, patterns, furniture and personal memories. In this way, you will receive an individualized and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that suits you. Customize your facility by enriching it with boho furniture and decoration.

The boho interior was inspired by the hippie style of the 70s and is such a motley look.

Particular value is placed on natural materials and sustainability, this is also important to our company, which is why we use natural materials. It is therefore particularly important to use high-quality and natural products in combination with unusual and unusual decorative elements that round off the appearance. In terms of colors, too, more natural tones are usually preferred and a reduced look that is very close to nature is sought.

Thanks to the mix-match look that Boho allows, you have numerous options for combining lots of furniture and products. Many of our products, in combination or individually, enable individual furnishing that makes you feel comfortable in your home.

That's how it's done

  • Think about what you want to set accents in your room
  • Choose furniture and decorative items made from natural materials
  • Choose and mix and match carpets, lamps, mirrors, boxes, tables, stools and much more
  • Use a wide variety of patterns, designs, materials and colors
  • Nevertheless, make sure that the concept is coherent and that you use selected colors
  • Be inspired by our numerous sustainable and natural products


Which products go well with my boho interior?

It's best to click through our range, here most of the products are suitable for bringing a boho look into your home. Above all, our armchairs, mirrors or lamps made of rattan embody the boho style very well. The look can be rounded off with a seagrass carpet, such as the Malaga, Madrid or Sevilla carpet. An eye-catcher is also high-quality wooden furniture, which convinces with its natural look, whether table, sideboard, shelf or side table, here you will find a suitable product for everyone, which makes your boho style appear individually. Some of the products that we particularly recommend, are very popular and would enhance your interior are listed below.

Rectangular dining table Steve 180

Rattan chair Cancun

Rattan chair Tulum

Sideboard cabinet Melanie 122

Sideboard cabinet Nicole 169

Rattan side table NUSA PENIDA

Side table Hamburg

Side table Amsterdam

Side table made of teak root Sylt

Hanging lamp BOHOO

Hanging lamp MARY

SUN hanging lamp

EGG hanging lamp

Round carpet Seville

Round mirror Butterfly 50

Round mirror style 40

Round mirror Vision 55

Lounge chair Felix