Whirlpool-Pflege leicht gemacht: Tipps und Tricks für langanhaltenden Badespaß

A private whirlpool in the garden or on the terrace is a luxurious retreat that promises pure relaxation and wellness. Regular care and maintenance is essential to ensure that bathing pleasure is always maintained. In this blog post we give you helpful tips and tricks to optimally care for your whirlpool and ensure long-lasting bathing fun.

1. Water care – clear and clean
The quality of the water is crucial for a pleasant bathing experience and the longevity of your whirlpool. Make sure to check the pH value and the disinfectant content regularly and adjust if necessary. Balanced water chemistry prevents the growth of bacteria and algae and protects the hot tub materials from damage.

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2. Filter cleaning – for effective filtration
The filter is the heart of your whirlpool and ensures that dirt particles and impurities are removed from the water. Clean the filter regularly by removing it and rinsing it with a garden hose or in a filter cleaning solution. In case of heavy use or after a longer period of use, it is recommended to replace the filter completely.

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3. Hot tub surfaces – clean and well maintained
Regularly cleaning hot tub surfaces will help keep your hot tub inviting and hygienic. Remove deposits and dirt with a soft cloth or gentle brush and use special spa cleaners to protect the materials. Be sure to clean hard-to-reach areas such as nozzles and drains.

4. Cover and insulation – intact and energy efficient
An intact cover and insulation are crucial to the energy efficiency and safety of your hot tub. Check the cover regularly for damage, cracks or wear and clean with a mild detergent. Be sure to check the insulation inside the spa and repair or replace it if necessary.

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5 . Technical maintenance – safe and functional
Technical maintenance of the heating, pumps and controls is important for the smooth operation of the whirlpool. Make sure that all electrical connections are installed correctly and safely and always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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