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Soon it will be that time again, "summer, sun, sunshine" and that means we spend more time outside in our gardens or on the balcony. This increases the desire for a cozy and idyllic but at the same time modern garden design.

Every year the garden and balcony become a kind of extension of our living space, we move life outside more and enjoy the beautiful, sunny afternoons and balmy nights. Whether for relaxing, lunch or dinner, the furniture and decorative pieces that we choose to create our own little oasis of well-being to switch off are particularly important for our outdoor furnishings. It is therefore particularly important to invest in high-quality, weatherproof and robust outdoor furniture, so get inspiration from our new garden furniture.

What to look out for

The key to the ideal garden design lies in the choice of materials. So that you can enjoy your garden furniture for as long as possible, it is important to pay attention to durable but stylish materials. Rustproof aluminium, coated wood or synthetic materials are suitable for this.

Aluminum furniture is light and therefore easy to move or store away. They are also suitable for a modern garden design. With the right accessories you can create the perfect place to switch off.

Wooden furniture is also suitable for redesigning your garden, but it should be noted that it is well made and made of quality materials. Appropriate care is also important so that the pieces last for years. Overall, these outdoor products are timeless and suitable for every style, as you can combine them in different ways.

Synthetic fabrics are hard-wearing and durable, making them ideal for the garden. They are suitable for all weather conditions, especially the net structure of our new garden furniture is ideal for this. It is also important to ensure that pillows are made of suitable fabrics that are easy to clean and robust.

Which furniture is suitable for my garden or balcony?

First of all, you should consider the available space. Especially with small balconies, it is important to set up space-efficiently. Therefore, look for small tables and easy-to-adjust armchairs that you can put aside at any time. Square tables and 2-4 armchairs are ideal.

For large gardens, however, it is more appropriate if you use lounge furniture, sofa corners or spacious seating sets. Large garden tables are also ideal for arranging extensive lunches and dinners for loved ones.

How do you complete your garden style?

With the right outdoor decorative items, you can give your outdoor furnishings the finishing touch. How about, for example, a green oasis that you can create yourself with a wide variety of plants, cachepots and hanging baskets from our store. Decorative bowls, lanterns and trays are also suitable as practical but stylish accessories to round off your garden design.

Be inspired by our new garden collection. Browse through our decorative items and other product ranges so that you can find the right accessories for your outdoor oasis of well-being.

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