Entspannung zu Wohlfühlpreisen – wir sagen den Strompreisen den Kampf an!

Electricity costs are rising and Home 36 is lowering the prices for you so that wellness remains affordable .

Are you thinking about getting an infrared cabin, but the electricity prices are giving you pause? We can take away any doubts you might have because it's cheaper than you think!

Acquisition cost:

Basically, the purchase costs depend on which size you choose, which type of wood and the types and types of spotlights you choose. You can get infrared cabins from us starting at €899.00.

We would be happy to support you with your purchase project!

How high are the electricity costs and consumption of an infrared cabin?

Calculation example:

Costs per session in an infrared cabin = price kWh x performance of the infrared cabin* x total dwell time (heat-up time)

Basically you can assume a heating up time and usage time of 1 hour .

Costs / session infrared cabin = 0.45 cents** x 2.2 kW x 1 h

Result: A 60-minute session in the Ruby 2 infrared cabin costs €0.99.

You can see that the cost of using an infrared cabin is very low. So you can put all doubts aside, because purchasing such a heat cabin is definitely worth it! Not only because of the price aspect, but also because it impresses with a variety of health benefits.

*Assuming the infrared cabin model "Ruby 2 - for 2 people"
**current electricity price in Austria is €0.45 per 1 kWh